Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clean Water- I Can't Wait

After watching this video I can NOT wait until October when Wayne and I are planning to head to Guatemala with Living Water International to do the type of work featured in this video. I got chills just watching this.

God is With Us from Living Water International on Vimeo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Days 1-3 of 40 Days

Sticking to water and passing up on Starbucks, sodas, etc is hard.

But this is infinitely harder:

Water and Women

Many women spend 15-20 hours per week collecting water, often walking up to 7 miles in the dry season.

It is typically women who collect water, often waiting for long periods, and having to get up very early or go out late at night to get their water; they carry heavy water containers for long distances over uneven terrain. It is women who have to buy, scrounge, or beg for water, particularly when their usual sources run dry. The tragedy is that the water they work so hard to collect is often dirty, polluted, and unsafe to drink. Women trapped in this situation have little time for other activities such as child care, rest, or productive work. The time spent collecting water disempowers women by reinforcing time-poverty and lowering income.
“Reasearch in Uganda found households spending on average 660 hours a year collecting water. This represents two full months of labor, with attendant opportunity costs for education, income generation, and female liesure time.” - United Nations Development Program, 2006

[From the Living Water International   Website ]. So I will continue making my small sacrifice so that precious women like this one can have clean water.