Sunday, September 12, 2010

Radical Awakening- Losing the I

 It has been very hard to start this post and introduce this first attempt went something like this:
        "I do not know why I am starting a new blog...
         I already have a blog...
         I have a strong desire...
        I  have been...I was....." 
In other words, the first draft was all about me.

That is exactly what this blog is NOT supposed to be. Its supposed to be about God and what God is doing in this world and how God is changing perspectives and desires. This next attempt will endeavor to avoid sounding like a two year old saying "me me me" all the time. Let's see if the focus can be turned away from "I."

So let's try doing this again.

Marla  introduced me to  to this book through her  Read A Long campaign.

Although I've never met Marla, I decided to join her little project, experiment, group...whatever you call it...

Only a few chapters into the book and it has rocked my world! God is teaching me that the Gospel is not all about me and that God is doing amazing things in this World that He wants me to be a part of.

So as part of the Read A Long Gang over at Marla's site, I am endeavoring to blog about what God is teaching me through this book. The hope is that this blog will focus on God and His Glory. Not to give the book away (I confess I cheated and read ahead...could not help myself) but this blog is my own Radical Experiment.

So tune in on Tuesdays for my blog entry in the Radical Read A Long. On other days, tune in to see God's work around this world and maybe we can all learn how to lose "I".
Before this post ends, let me leave you with the words of a song that I can not get out my head...


  1. I bought this book the other day and want to read it! I have heard many good things about it. Have youbread crazy love by Francis chan? Another excellent book!

  2. I absolutely, totally get the me, me, me thing. It makes me want to cry when I think about how the first 34 years of my life have really been all about that. Sick. Of. It. And so excited to follow along on your journey, new friend!


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