Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Radical- Sandpaper

I have now read Chapter 1 three times. I say or write “OUCH” in the margins each time. This book is like sandpaper. Making me terribly aware of my sin and selfishness.
I wrote that first sentence and was ready to write a very inspiring post. But then I was interrupted by life…plumber to fix the leak, medical expense receipts to sort, household files to organize, parents to send off to the airport, and a work conference call to take from home… Now I sit down to write again and I don’t feel as inspired. I am also noticing that has creeped back in here. Six times its used in just four sentences….sick and disgusting I tell ya!
This whole post is an example of a point Platt makes in the first chapter of Radical. So much of our time, our focus, and even our worship, is focused on ourselves. It’s no wonder that our image of the Almighty God has been limited to a benevolent grandfather who hands out good things.
Yes God is good and yes he showers amazing blessings on us. But He is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!
Now back to the sandpaper thing….through this chapter God has sandpapered two areas of my life. First, God is beginning to show me the depths of my materialism. I whined to myself this morning that I had nothing to wear and should treat myself to a shopping expedition. Then I counted 20 plus business casual tops in my closet. So I shut my mouth and picked a shirt. That’s what this book does…it sandpapers off the dirt and mud that has caked on our eyes from years of life focusing on ourselves. Second, God is showing me how much of my faith and my worship center around myself and catering to my needs and wants. I could write a book of example but let me just say that for many many years I have measure my church by how they met my needs and how their worship style matched mine.
Now I have read some of the other posts from the Radical Read A Long and once again I am blown away. Someone has already said EXACTLY what I am feeling and could not put into words. Check this out- Quitting Comfortable.
So I am going to stop my babbling and let that soak in…how can I quit being comfortable?????


  1. Yes! OUCH is exactly what I said too!

  2. Sandpaper is a great way to explain it...looking forward to this journey with you!

  3. loved your sandpaper analogy - sums it up quite well

  4. Thanks so much for sharing, Catalina. And Ali's post said so much of what I wanted to say and couldn't too.


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