Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm getting stalked by adoption stories.

I have no idea what's going on or what God is up to. But the truth of the matter is that everywhere I go there is talk and there is action about adoption. In one year- two close friends have adopted newborns from local moms chose adoption or abortion. Their testimonies show that where God closes doors he otnes windows fly open when you least expect them.

In addition to real friends adopting, talk of adoption is ALL over my blog friend world. Just check out this post::  Dreaming Big and this post Adoption and this post Orphan Sunday

I know that when God says things over and over again, it's time to really start listening.

So I'm listening...waiting to understand what God is up to.

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  1. So I shouldn't direct you to my blog? I found you through the Radical Read-along over at Marla's. We adopted a daughter from China and are in process to adopt a son. If you have any questions about adoption, I'd be happy to answer them.


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