Saturday, November 20, 2010

Heartbreak and Hope In Haiti

Through a friend's facebook post I found this blog:

It's about a family from Texas that moved to Haiti to minister to the people still suffering from the earthquake. The blog has really touched me because the author is so honest about what she sees and how it breaks her heart. I love to see how she has been able to minister to women in Haiti, teaching them how to breastfeed. This story in particular has touched my heart.

Living Skeletons

And I am super excited that there is a way to help. You see there's a ministry that teaches folks in Haiti how to make beautiful jewelry out of cereal boxes.

Cereal Boxes and Hope

Isn't it awesome how God can use ordinary cereal boxes that we consider trash and turn them into beautiful beads that bring hope to families in such need of it. It's so like God to turn the ordinary into the very thing things that sustain life.

Won't you join me in collecting cereal boxes. If you are interested please leave a comment and I will
get you details.

And so you can see exactly where your cereal boxes are going please take a look at this slide show:
Apparent Project Slide Show

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