Thursday, November 4, 2010

SIsterhood of the Traveling Belt

Somtimes it's hard to digure out how your actions impact others across the world. However, thanks to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Belt, I learned a great lesson- that even seemingly small gestures can change lives FOREVER.

Here's the start of the story Radical

And here is where it went: The Rest of the Story

When I saw the second post I did not hesitate to join the Sisterhood. Why? Well- three reasons. First, I love to see women united to glorify God. Second, I was seriously shocked by how far my small donation could go to save lives in Africa. The numbers are staggering! $28 gives 28 people in Africa clean water for a YEAR!!!!! Third-was realization that changing my life to focus on others and loving them like Christ sometimes just requires a small step of obedience. To save lives and glorify the Lord, I don't always have to hop on a plane to a remote land across the globe. Instead, I can sacrifice a small amount of my money to a cause that glorifies God.

So I leave you with the belt:

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